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Moving towards smarter cities

More than half of the world's population lives in cities, and the number is growing. What can governments do to make cities smarter and greener? 

How businesses can improve humanitarian aid

The number and scale of humanitarian disasters are growing rapidly. More resources and expertise – including from the private sector – are needed.

The Geneva Ukraine Initiative

Business leaders from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Europe and the United States met in Geneva to develop a 10-point plan for ending the conflict in Ukraine.


An Insight, An Idea with Yao Chen

A conversation with actress and “Weibo queen” Yao Chen on the growing power of social media.

An Insight, An Idea with Yao Ming

What role does sport play in building healthy societies? A conversation with China's basketball legend Yao Ming.

The New Climate Context

At a key time for climate negotiations, how can we best work together to tackle the common threat of climate change?

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