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3 ways the BRICS can improve education

To regain its place as a powerhouse for growth, the BRICS countries must fundamentally overhaul the environment that nurtures their young people, writes Miniya Chatterji. 

What does nanotechnology mean for geopolitics?

Given its potential to affect science, health, politics and the military, nanotech research is central to a nation’s power, writes Nayef Al-Rodhan.

How can we solve the global refugee crisis?

We should think of refugees as individuals with the desire and capacity to work and contribute to society, writes Lorna Solis.


How can China reach the next stage of development?

China will need to forge its own growth path to reach the next stage of development, writes Adair Turner.

East Asia 2015 | Anchoring Trust in East Asia’s New Regionalism

On the occasion of the World Economic Forum on East Asia, the President of Indonesia and other dignitaries share their views on the regional implications of a changing global environment.

Education and Infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa

Gordon Brown on education and infrastructure in the region.


09 - 11 Sep 15
Dalian, People's Republic of China
25 - 27 Oct 15
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates