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Why Africa needs to invest in its people

In order for Africa to thrive, total investment in its people is crucial, writes Elsie Kanza.

7 steps to protecting migrants in crisis zones

Where they find themselves in situations of conflict, violence or disaster, migrants are often even more in need of assistance and protection than nationals, writes Khalid Koser.

The future of ‘sense and avoid’ drones

Once drones are able to avoid collisions with humans, objects and each other, they could become an everyday sight in our skies, writes Red Whittaker.


Computer Graphics: Closing the Gap on Reality | Pedro Sander

Pedro Sander from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, shares how innovations in computer graphics can help bring images from the virtual world into the real world.

Setting Asia’s agenda for a food – secure future

How can Asia take advantage of new opportunities to build a unified regional approach for a food-secure future?

Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster Response Robots

Robotics expert William Whittaker from Carnegie Mellon University, charts the rise of robots from nuclear clean up to underwater rescue and recovery.

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