Masdar-Sustainable Bioenergy Research Centre

Project Objective: 

The viability of sustainable biofuel production as part of an integrated seawater agricultural system in Abu Dhabi and the potential for wider application and commercialisation

Initiative Description: 

With Masdar Institute as host and Etihad, Boeing and Honeywell subsidiary UOP as founding members, the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium provides a dedicated resource investigating the viability of sustainable biofuels in Abu Dhabi and the potential for wider application and commercialisation. 

The consortium is working on an Integrated Seawater Agriculture System. This innovative system will use the arid saltwater landscape around Abu Dhabi’s coastline to develop not just aviation fuels but other forms of biofuel and aquaculture products without the need for freshwater. An early sustainability assessment has provided positive indications that this system is feasible and commercially viable on a large scale. The next stage is a pilot study.

Key Stakeholders Involved: 
Raw Material Providers
Middle East
5 years
Regional Scope: 


Masdar, Boeing, Etihad, Honeywell UOP
United Arab Emirates
Type of Feedstock: