Qatar Advanced Biofuel Platform

Project Objective: 

Large-scale production of algae biofuels

Initiative Description: 

Qatar Airways, together with Airbus, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar University Science and Technology Park and Rolls-Royce have come together as partners in the Qatar Advanced Biofuel Platform (QAPB) consortium to develop the first large-scale algae bio-jet fuel value chain in the world.

The first part of the project was a research and technology study on local micro-algae species made by Qatar University and the development of a lab-scale biofuel production facility.

Currently, the project is being developed from lab-scale to the demonstrator-scale. This part of the project will take 18 months to put in place, with a substantial multi-million dollar investment. Importantly, the CO2 required for the algae growth is being captured from a Qatar Petroleum refinery. The chosen location for the demonstrator plant gives the possibility to scale up to commercial scale once the concept has been proven.

An important part of the project is around knowledge transfer. The knowledge gained from the project will be used by Qatar University in order to develop a bioengineering course.

The QAPB is the first large-scale production of algal feedstock to be transformed into bio-jet fuel in the world.

Key Stakeholders Involved: 
Raw Material Providers
Oil Companies
Aircraft Manufacturers
Middle East
Regional Scope: 


Qatar Airways, Airbus, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar University, Rolls Royce
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