How to Use Creative for Good

The Creative for Good website is designed to spark both creativity and community. It not only serves as a repository of effective social marketing case studies and resources, but also as a place to find inspiration and connect with individuals and organizations embarking on social change campaigns throughout the world. 

Here are some of the ways you can use this website:

Research. Research is an essential part of any campaign. Case studies in the Campaigns section can be sorted by category and region, so no matter what your vision is, you can find relevant campaigns to aid in your pre-campaign "desk research" or planning phase. 

Plan.  Visit the Campaign Tools & Tips section to find a basic plan that can provide a foundation for your campaign, along with an extensive list of links and external resources to help make sure it resonates.

Get inspired. Our featured campaigns come from all over the world, and differ in scope, issue, audience, and tactics, but they have one thing in common—they’ve been successful in shaping attitudes and changing behaviors. If you're developing a social marketing campaign, our database of case studies will provide you with new ideas and strategies for success. 

Connect. Contact info for each campaign is provided so you can connect with campaign representatives for additional questions or advice.

Share. Join the conversation. Creative for Good is looking for interesting and effective campaigns to feature on the website. Our Campaign Submissions and Guidelines page will show you how to submit your project and share your passion.

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