Region(s): Europe
Issue(s): Community and Social Justice
Author: Luca Lorenzini/Luca Pannese Sponsoring organization: NGO Organization(s): The CoorDown Onlus
Agency: Saatchi& Saatchi Italy Contact: Fabrizio Caprara fabrizio.caprara@saatchi.it

Campaign Info

Scope of Good Practice

The Coordown organization campaigns for the integration of people with Down Syndrome into society and, in particular, the work environment.

Problem Addressed by the Campaign

The goal of the campaign was to take full advantage of World Down Syndrome Day to attract the attention of the public to the importance of integrating people with Down Syndrome into society.

Background Research

CoorDown Onlus, based on its long experience, asked The Agency to underline the importance of ensuring people with Down Syndrome a higher level of self-sufficiency which would mean ensuring a more serene future, because as they grow old, there might be no relative capable of looking after them.


The Agency thought that the best way to speak louder was not to speak at all, with a powerful demonstration.


On the 21st of March, World Down Syndrome Day, alternative versions of the commercials of some of the most well known national and international brands (Illy Coffee, Averna Liqueur, Cartasi Credit card, Toyota, Pampers) were broadcast on tv. During filming, alternative scenes were shot in which the original actor was substituted by an actor with Down Syndrome.


These alternative commercials appeared 334 times that day.

The same happened with print campaigns (by Enel, Carrefour, Toyota) scheduled on the main national Italian newspapers.

In the same vein, on the 21st of March, people with Down Syndrome appeared in some of the most famous Italian television programmes, replacing the usual stars. The operation attracted the attention of all the national media, including television, newspapers, magazines, radios, social media and blogs. In the days that followed, it opened a debate all around the country.


The campaign generated the equivalent of nearly 5.5 million worth of coverage and we reached around 18 million people — a third of the Italian population.

Conclusions and Recommendations

In the week following the communication event, inquiries to CoorDown from companies interested in integrating people with Down Syndrome into their organizations went up 600 percent.

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