What is Creative for Good?


As much as world change may be about politics or economics, at its heart it’s a creative proposition.  It’s about insight, engagement and persuasion.  It’s about ideas that are imagined, communicated and delivered in ways that move individuals, communities and whole societies to change the way they think and act. 

And while the currency ­- time, energy, money - changes from issue to issue, the fundamentals of the transactions remain constant: one party inspires another to realize a better, more harmonious world. And to act.

This project is hosted and led by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on “The Future of Media,” the independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders on a host of global and regional issues.

Project Goal and Audience

The initial goal of this effort is to increase the number and effectiveness of pro-social campaigns worldwide. It is expected that novice and experienced social campaigners, as well as others who are interested in the field, will utilize the site. 

The Initiative

Creative For Good is an online initiative that serves as a repository of brilliant, inspiring and effective public education campaign case studies worldwide, as well as a brief “how-to” guide and resources for organizations embarking on such efforts. 

The Ad Council (the leading producer of public education campaigns in the U.S.) developed and collected content for the website. The site was designed by global PR agency, Ketchum, which also provided marketing and public relations support. An Advisory Committee comprised of leaders from a host of communications, advertising, public relations, social marketing, and advocacy organizations is responsible for vetting content and campaign submissions from around the world. Committee members include:

  • Naif Al-Mutawa, The 99
  • David Astley, The Media Alliance
  • Peggy Conlon, The Advertising Council
  • Alberto Contri, Fondazione Pubblicita Progresso
  • Herve deClerck, Act Responsible
  • Diana El-Azar, World Economic Forum
  • Cindy Gallop, If We Ran The World
  • David Gallagher, Ketchum
  • Tina Hoff, Kaiser Family Foundation
  • David Kenny, The Weather Channel Companies
  • Yulia Koval-Molodtsova, AdLab
  • Khin Khin Kyawt, SAIL Advertising
  • Nancy Lee, Social Marketing Services
  • Tim Love, Tim Love Ideas, LLC
  • Deborah Malone, The Internationalist
  • Linda Scott, Oxford University
  • Marc van Gurp, Osocio
  • Marina von der Heyde, Consejo Publicitario

The project is non-partisan and politically independent. Campaigns selected for inclusion on the site do not represent any endorsement by the World Economic Forum. 

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