En+ Group - Hydropower Plants and the Ecosystem

Principles in Case study: 
Efficient energy systems
Responsible citizenship
Action taken by company: 

WWF and En+ have agreed to conduct joint environmental and economic research into the impact of hydropower plants on the Amur River ecosystem. The central idea behind the project is to identify and make a balanced assessment of key environmental, social and economic factors, which should be taken into consideration before developing the Amur basin’s hydropower potential, including the building of new power plants on the river.


WWF-Russia and En+ Group have set up a joint working group to develop the terms of reference for the research project. The group, which will consist of industry experts and scientists, is expected to provide its results by the end of 2012. This is the first time in the Soviet and post-Soviet hydropower development history that such a comprehensive strategic and environmental assessment is being made.


The future of Transsiberian HPP now depends on the comprehensive research results. The En+ Group and EuroSibEnergo have stopped working on designing the Transsiberian HPP for the Shilka River, a tributary of the Amur River, until research results are available.



Cooperation with a well-established organization in conservation and preservation of nature ensures compliance with the toughest environmental standards, while sustainably achieving development in the local and regional economy.