En+ Group - Investing in High-Tech Projects

Principles in Case study: 
Secure & affordable access to energy
Efficient energy systems
Contributing to economic development
Action taken by company: 

EuroSibEnergo invests in new high-tech projects in the power generation industry. The company focuses on energy access and meeting the world’s energy needs, while at the same time minimizing environmental impact.


Within the framework of a 50-50 joint venture with the Rosatom State Corporation, EuroSibEnergo is implementing a project for the development of a compact lead-bismuth fast reactor (SVBR-100). The aim is to create and produce commercially viable compact power generation units with a 100 MW capacity on the basis of an SVBR-100 reactor, with embedded safety systems. This technology has enormous potential in Russian markets and worldwide, especially in Asia and Africa where demand for electricity is increasing but access and supply need to be better met.


These nuclear plants can be built on a modular basis due to their small size and ease of transport and because they can be used in places beyond the reach of existing power grids. For example, there can be floating nuclear stations and sea water conversion units, which have enormous potential for operating in remote territories. Furthermore, these plants are designed to be carbon neutral, producing zero CO2 emissions.



Long-term investments into such technology are a strategic way to be at the forefront of the sector. EuroSibEnergo sees enormous potential through access to safe and affordable energy, as well as not doing damage to the environment by being carbon neutral.