PTT Public Company Limited - Disaster Relief

Principles in Case study: 
Secure & affordable access to energy
Responsible citizenship
Action taken by company: 

During Thailand’s 2011 flood, which was considered the country’s most severe natural disaster in 15 years, PTT Public Limited Company (PTT) established the Emergency Management Center (EMC) with the main mission to:


·         Maintain national energy security by preventing petrol and natural gas shortages through PTT’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) system

·         Protect PTT employees and assets from flood damages

·         Provide flood relief to people and communities affected by the flood water


PTT was also the main supporter of the government’s relief efforts to flood victims on a national scale. 


Examples of PTT-initiated actions taken include:


·         Formation of the PTT SEAL team, which was equipped with all-terrain vehicles and flat-bed speed boats to evacuate flood victims

·         Establishment of local flood relief centres for victims and the disbursement of survival bags (food, water, medicines, etc.)

·         PTT Petrochemicals Business Unit produced and gave away large quantity of plastic boats, mobile toilets and biodegradable sanitary bags

·         PTT Research and Technology Institute and PTT volunteers designed and produced the Effective Micro-organism (EM) liquid and EM balls used for flood water treatment

·         PTT Retail Business Unit offered mobile service stations (for petrol and cooking gas) to communities affected by flood water



As a result of the flood relief experience, PTT created an internal Intranet portal that compiles lessons learned.