Royal Dutch Shell Plc - The Energy Diet Challenge

Principles in Case study: 
Promoting energy literacy
Action taken by company: 

Shell partnered with the Canadian Geographic Magazine to encourage customers to learn more about energy efficiency at home and on the road. As part of the initiative, six households from across Canada competed in the Energy Diet Challenge in 2011 to see who could shrink their carbon footprint the most. The winning household made simple changes such as shortening the time spent showering and fully switching off their televisions, which made a noticeable difference in their energy consumption. The next phase aims to increase awareness of energy use among students across Canada in 2012.


Shell continues to work with consumers to help them save energy. Through face-to-face training, driving simulators and online tutorials, the company has helped more than 200,000 drivers learn how to use less fuel since 2009.

Shell has also set a new Guinness World Record in 2011 for the “largest fuel efficiency lesson”. At this event, more than 3,200 people in 10 cities across Europe and Asia took part in simultaneous training sessions. They learned how a few simple changes to their driving habits could help them save fuel and reduce motoring costs.

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