Royal Dutch Shell Plc - Floating LNG

Principles in Case study: 
Responsible citizenship
Contributing to economic development
Action taken by company: 

To meet growing energy demand, Shell is developing exciting innovations to help access gas resources like floating LNG (FLNG) technology. The company is currently building an FLNG facility that will combine production, processing and storage capacity without the need to build onshore plants or lay extensive pipelines on the seabed, significantly reducing environmental impact.

In 2011, Shell decided to move ahead with the construction of this FLNG facility to develop the Prelude gas field, which is located more than 200 km off the coast of Western Australia. It will be 488 metres long and built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

Shell is working with local organizations in the nearest onshore communities of the Kimberley region to help provide educational opportunities for children. The company is also helping to record and preserve the traditional knowledge of the indigenous people, such as the Ngurrara. 

The Prelude project will contribute to the Australian economy through opportunities for local businesses. It will create about 350 jobs and provide billions of dollars in taxes and revenue. When the Prelude field reaches the end of its life after about 25 years, the floating facility can be moved to another location to develop new gas resources.