Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics (MEDEA)

  • The 10-month Master in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics (MEDEA) is an MBA program organized and directed by the Scuola Enrico Mattei, with two programs: Global Energy (GE) and Managing Technical Assets (MTA).
  • GE explores the management problems faced by companies operating in the energy and environment industries. This program is aimed principally at recent graduates in business economics or in business engineering, and also at those who already work in this area.
  • MTA explores the economic management of technical problems faced by energy companies. This program is aimed principally at recent graduates with technical/scientific majors, and also at those who already work in this area.
  • About 50 scholarships per year are given to postgraduate students coming to Italy from all over the world.
The problem addressed by the campaign: 

The energy sector is crucial for every country’s development. However, the typical university education in this field is often unsatisfactory and incomplete.

The school is part of the precious legacy of Enrico Mattei, the first Eni CEO. His vision was to create a postgraduate school to give young, smart people the opportunity to specialize in energy subjects. Italian and foreign students experience a year of great growth.

The multicultural environment helps them learn the importance of sharing and collaborating. This is crucial to building a unified corporate identity and to promoting the Eni brand in Italy and abroad.


The Scuola Mattei was founded in 1957 by Enrico Mattei to manage the postgraduate program, and now it is part of Eni Corporate University. Since it was founded, the school has trained 2,800 graduates, of which 56% are foreigners coming from more than 110 countries: 13% are from Europe, 12% from Asia, 11% from South America, 10% from Africa, 6% from the Middle East, 3% from North and Central America, and 1% from Australia. Over the years, Scuola Mattei updated and enriched its curriculum while maintaining specific characteristics. Every year Eni offers full scholarships to attend the programs, supporting young, brilliant students in their personal and professional growth. Candidate selection is carried out on a precise requirement basis (degree, age, and English knowledge).


The school has trained more than 2,800 graduates; many of them are working for Eni and its subsidiaries, and others are employed at other companies or governmental institutions. They are all part of a strong network, often connecting the young employee to the CEO, sharing a common experience that makes them similar even if they are separated by time and space. IAASM (International Alumni Association of Scuola Mattei) is the result of this community feeling. Officially founded in 2007, it includes more than 500 former students ( The job placement success rate is very good, and students find good opportunities within a few weeks. In particular, at the end of the Master program, already-employed students return to their work, often in better positions and facing improved career prospects. Students who are not employed find employment in their home countries, in Eni, or in governmental or private institutions operating in the energy and environmental sectors. The school’s reputation and the link between the school and the Eni HR departments around the world are very efficient tools in helping the students find good jobs quickly. Some examples of the kinds of jobs which are offered to the students after the Master program are the following: well site engineer, process plant engineer, development geologist, accountant, auditor, economist in the planning and control department, specialist in the sustainability department.

Why has it worked?: 
  • Eni strongly believes that investing in young resources is a key element in company success. A combination of education and training is one of the best ways to be competitive on the international scene and contribute to the development of countries. Moreover, Scuola Mattei is a great opportunity to enhance the company’s employer branding by promoting a unified corporate identity, in Italy and abroad. It works because students share their knowledge and experiences in a multicultural environment and they really feel a part of something special, not for one year, but for a lifetime. In the preparation of its case studies and application models, the school can draw on a vast heritage of professionalism and experience, ensured by its cooperation with the best Italian universities and the consolidated activities performed at the international level by Eni and its operating companies.
  • In particular, due to the high quality and intensity of the Master program, students acquire a wide set of skills, such as tackling complex problems, making decisions and managing firm resources; interacting with company roles, external experts, market operators, and public administration; estimating the effects of energy and environmental policies; evaluating investment projects; monitoring the functioning of energy markets; and forecasting economic and financial variables.
Conclusions and Recommendations: 

The most challenging aspect of our project is managing a very heterogeneous group. It requires not only a big investment in terms of organizational details but also emotional involvement. All staff members must be very open-minded — committed to teaching but also willing to learn from every student.

Global (all of the above)
Economic and political context: 

Many of our students come from developing countries, facing many difficulties (money, employment, safe traveling, visa, and so on). We make every effort to offer them a great personal and professional opportunity. Even if the world economic crisis affects the energy sector, we are committed to sharing Eni’s knowledge to improve our students’ future, whether they will join our company or find another occupation.

About the Author(s): 
  • Eni is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming, and marketing oil and gas.
  • Eni Corporate University is the principal means used by Eni to attract and recruit talent; oversee their managerial, technical, and professional training; and enhance the company’s employer branding by promoting a unified corporate identity.