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Oceans offer great opportunity for economic growth and development, and support the very existence of humanity through oxygen provision and climate regulation. Awareness of the potential of ocean resources is growing rapidly, yet the seas are badly managed. This has led to challenges such as collapsing fish stocks, rising sea levels and increasing piracy. “Business as usual” is not sustainable and steep changes must occur in resource management practices.

For the past five years, the Global Agenda Council on Oceans has brought together key stakeholders to push forward the global oceans agenda. The council has elevated crucial issues and highlighted potential tools for sustainable ocean management such as seafood traceability and an Ocean Health Index.

With the multitude of ocean efforts happening across the world, the World Economic Forum offers a unique platform to bring together different organizations around the same challenge, and elevate the visibility of high-potential ocean activities.

For the next two years, the council’s mandate is to focus on three core objectives:
1) Accelerate multistakeholder dialogue and action towards seafood traceability in the global fight against unsustainable, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
2) Gather the adequate information and influential stakeholders to fully understand the consequences of increasing attention to deep-sea mining.
3) Foster the appropriate networks and frameworks to encourage entrepreneurship in ocean conservation and sustainable ocean use.

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Council Manager: Nathalie Chalmers, Project Lead, Circular Economy Initiative, Environmental Initiatives, Global Leadership Fellow,
Forum Lead: Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray, Head of Public-Private Partnership, Global Agenda Platform, Member of the Executive Committee,