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The media, entertainment and information (MEI) industry has long played a role in informing, educating and entertaining consumers and citizens. Recently, new technologies and changes in consumption habits have influenced how the industry creates, distributes and transforms content into profit. As the industry continues to innovate in content, formats and business models, it must also balance its economic imperative and social role.

In its current term, The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media, Entertainment & Information will focus on developing an index tool for measuring and stimulating digital media adoption at the company, city and country level. The purpose of The Digital Media Readiness index will be to catalyse investment in and adoption of digital media, opening up opportunities for accelerated growth and financial prosperity.

Council contact: Claudio Cocorocchia,

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Council Manager: Claudio Cocorocchia, Content Lead, Media, Entertainment and Information Industries,
Forum Lead: Mengyu Annie Luo, Director, Head of Media, Entertainment and Information,

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