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The Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015 provides a top-of-mind perspective from the Global Knowledge Networks on the challenges and opportunities of the coming 12–18 months. It offers a comprehensive overview of the world, drawing upon the foremost global intelligence network and its collective brainpower to explore the most important trends which we will face in the coming year.

To better understand the complexity of these issues, the Outlook also provides deep insights into specific regional challenges, highlighting the perspectives of different stakeholders and those of the next generation. It tackles the leadership crisis which has swelled in recent years, with an index of where citizen trust is placed in 2015 and what leaders need to do to regain it. Finally, the report looks ahead to the emerging issues and technologies that will shape our world beyond the coming year into the next decade. 

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The Network: Connecting the Dots

One of the unique features of the Network is the emphasis on exploring interlinkages between issue areas. Currently made up of 80 individual Councils and six Metacouncils, the Network of Global Agenda Councils attempts to collapse boundaries between subjects to examine and leverage critical interconnections. There are four types of Councils:

  • Global issue-focused: Addressing specific global challenges
  • Regional: Addressing strategic topics specific to regions and countries
  • Industry agenda: Addressing industry transformations and trends
  • Meta: Addressing cross-cutting themes across the Network, involving several individual Councils

Summit on the Global Agenda 

Members of the Network meet annually at the Summit on the Global Agenda in the United Arab Emirates and virtually several times a year to monitor trends, identify global risks, discuss ideas and explore interconnections between issues. They also develop recommendations and integrate findings into World Economic Forum activities such as the Annual Meeting in Davos and regional and industry events, as well as into global decision-making processes. 

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