Global Leadership Fellows


Global Leadership Fellows Programme

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the once well-defined line between the public and private sectors continues to blur, making it difficult for any one organization to act effectively in isolation. To succeed in such a fast-changing environment, institutions – both private and public – must bring together numerous stakeholders to approach problems more efficiently, develop strategies and capitalize on opportunities.

To prepare the next generation of leaders to address these challenges, the World Economic Forum is looking for outstanding individuals to take part in its unique Global Leadership Fellows (GLF) Programme. The programme combines an intensive work and learning experience that is run in collaboration with Partner universities. In addition to holding a full-time position as a senior community manager at the Forum, successful Fellows also receive an Executive Master in Global Leadership.

The Dean’s vision of the Global Leadership Fellows Programme

The outside view of the GLF Programme

Why join the Programme?

In a world as complex and interconnected as ours, solving problems should start from being open-minded, versatile and “multi-lingual” in a broader sense of the word. The GLF programme, while providing an opportunity to interact and work with a truly diverse group of bright individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking, has helped me develop into a person who can better understand differences, and in turn to really contribute in finding solutions through providing a linkage between them" Joo-Ok, Senior Community Manager Asia

“The GLF is a unique incubator program for ideas, skills and inspiration that combines peer-exchanges, world-class academic training and on-the-job training. For me, it has been an eye-opening experience of dynamic learning and self-discovery.” Stacey Chow, Senior Programme Manager

“GLF is teaching me how to do role play in real-time where we ‘strategize’ standing in execution and ‘execute’ standing in strategy while keeping the context intact. My questions have transformed, my quest has become bigger and I am getting trained on how to dance with uncertainty.” Senior Manager Global Shapers Community, South Asia

"The GLF programme has provided me with an incredible opportunity to personally develop as a leader by knowing myself, learning from incredible colleagues and global experts and developing an international multi-stakeholder network. My responsibility is to use this experience to transform lives and make the world a better place." Reuben Coulter, Senior Community Manager Africa 

"The Fellowship Programme provided me an outstanding opportunity to complement my technical background in public health and nutrition sciences with a well-rounded leadership training. By combining a position at the Forum with the systematic training, the programme equips Fellows with the necessary mind-set and critical thinking tools to approach management challenges as well as complex global issues." Vanessa Candeias, Senior Project Manager, Healthy Living

Academic Partners

Global Leadership Fellows Programme Partner Columbia UniversityGlobal Leadership Fellows Programme Partner INSEAD
Global Leadership Fellow Programme Partner Wharton, University of PennsylvaniaGlobal Leadership Fellows Programme Partner London Business SchoolGlobal Leadership Fellows Programme Partner China Europe International Business School