Global Agenda Council on Europe 2012-2014


The challenge

Since the start of the financial crisis, the world’s media have helped reinforce a negative view of Europe’s economy. While Europe has taken the steps needed to mitigate the impact of the most pressing risks and the potential breakup of the European Monetary Union is no longer a looming threat, reforms undertaken by troubled countries still have to yield the expected results.Anaemic growth and the competitiveness gap between European economies continue to strain the economic and monetary union and compound the trade deficit of the least competitive members of the Eurozone.

What the Council is doing about it

The Global Agenda Council on Europe believes that it can make a contribution to Europe in multiple ways, specifically by:

  • Acting as a watchdog on key milestones set by European institutions
  • Spreading positive messages across Europe and beyond on why Europe matters
  • Becoming a laboratory of change, by applying projects created by other Global Agenda Councils to Europe
  • Creating a memo for the next European Commission

The Council will work on the following five areas:

Europe’s digital opportunity
The digital era has reached an important inflexion point – great opportunities but also greater challenges –as the NSA insights have highlighted the dichotomy between the economic and political views on the role of the Internet. In collaboration with the Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet and other relevant Councils, Members of the Council will work on raising awareness on the importance of creating the right digital infrastructure to boost Europe’s jobs and growth.
Trade and investment as a key driver of growth and innovation
The Council will analyse existing literature on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and other trade negotiations to contribute to the current debates in an objective and meaningful way.
Innovation and entrepreneurship as a key to enhancing Europe’s growth and competitiveness
The Council will act as sounding board for the World Economic Forum’s project “Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship”,which aims at creating an agenda to help Europeans become entrepreneurs and contributing to the development of a strong entrepreneurship culture in Europe.
Post-2014 European elections and the EU reform debate
With a new European Commission, Parliament and Council next year, the Global Agenda Council on Europe will prepare five key questions for the next leaders of the European institutions to answer.Furthermore, the Council would like to contribute to the EU reform debate and provide some new thinking on what the EU should do by looking at reforms through the lens of national capitals.

To get involved please contact

Research Analyst: Stefan Hall, Associate, Global Agenda Councils, 
Council Manager: Serena Pozza, Senior Community Associate, Europe, 
Forum Lead: Nicholas Davis, Director, Head of Europe,