Global Agenda Council on Europe 2014-2016


In its 2014-2016 term, the Global Agenda Council on Europe will continue to look at how Europe can strengthen its long-term competitiveness. The work of the council will focus on four main areas:

  1. The EU reform debate: What institutional reform would make Europe more competitive? How can reform efforts be sustained when there is a growing weariness with national reforms? The council will examine the EU’s post-election environment and put questions to the new European Commission to draw its attention to important areas for action.
  2. Europe’s relationship with the world: The council will work to support the negotiation process for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership by exploring public concerns with the agreement. The council will also continue to discuss the next steps for Europe’s neighbourhood policy in view of the current situation in Ukraine. The special meeting in Istanbul in September 2014 will be a good opportunity to talk about this with other regional councils.
  3. Europe’s potential for open innovation: One start-up success is not enough, real innovation requires a whole ecosystem. What would it take to create this type of ecosystem in Europe? What prevents different stakeholders from working more together in creating this? The council will support Forum projects dealing with this issue, taking on the role of advisory board.
  4. Towards a common energy policy: In the current geopolitical context, is the Lisbon Treaty enough to define EU energy policy? Does Europe have a coherent answer to long-term energy competitiveness? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of a new European Energy Union? The council will tackle all these issues, providing expertise on any related Forum projects.

To get involved please contact

Council Manager: Annika Brack, Senior Community Manger,
Forum Lead: Martina Larkin, Senior Director, Head of Global Knowledge Networks,