Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities 2014-2016


As our cities increasingly encounter complex urban problems, smart and sustainable solutions will need to be employed to enhance their liveability, efficiency and productivity. At the same time, the emergence of a global and affordable digital infrastructure will inspire the creation of the urban services industry to develop innovative, cross-industry solutions to solve these complex urban problems.

This transformation has the potential to fundamentally transform the way citizens consume urban services, the ways these services will be delivered, and, ultimately, how cities themselves will be managed. These very solutions will also present cities with problems in terms of integration, governance and finance.

The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Cities has an objective to develop the architecture that will allow cities to evaluate, select and integrate innovative urban services solutions, along with the required evolution of the governance and financial structures required to enable this transition.

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Research Analyst: James Pennington, Associate, Global Agenda Councils,
Council Manager: Anastasia Kalinina, Senior Community Manager, Global Shapers Eurasia,
Forum Leads: Alex Wong, Head, Center for Global Industries, Alex.Wong,