Global Agenda Council on the Future of Logistics & Supply Chains 2014-2016


Supply chains are becoming increasingly essential across industries and sectors, as businesses become more globalized and manufacturing facilities and customer bases are more spread out across the world. Technological advances have also led to greater cost efficiencies and reduced transport time, but many challenges and risks remain to be resolved if firms are to meet the needs of their customers for ever- increasing speed and flexibility.

The Global Agenda Council on the Future Logistics & Supply Chains strives to raise awareness regarding the importance of supply chain strategy to both business and government. Over the two-year term, the council will explore a variety of topics meant to advance this agenda. Potential topics will include:

Trade facilitation: Encourage a multistakeholder dialogue and collaboration to reduce barriers to international trade
Sustainability: Highlight innovative supply chain practices, which optimize inventory velocity and commercial benefits while also supporting positive environmental, social and economic outcomes
Responses to supply chain disruptions: Explore the innovative ideas, technologies and business models that are transforming supply chain business
Supply chain risk: Identify the most critical threats facing supply chain that promote efficient risk management, security and resiliency

To get involved please contact

Research Analyst: Muireann Mageras, Senior Associate, Global Agenda Councils
Council Manager:
Jieun Chung, Senior Community Manager and Global Leadership Fellow, Mobility Industries
Forum Lead:
John Moavenzadeh, Senior Director, Head of Mobility Industries,


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