Global Agenda Council on India 2014-2016


With the recent election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India comes promise of change, yet many challenges facing the country remain – from the need for better infrastructure and governance, to a more skilled and productive workforce and better fiscal policies and environment to invest and do business. Any reform, however, needs to be balanced with more traditional issues, such as education, healthcare, sanitation and other developmental challenges.

With one of the youngest and biggest workforces in the world, India can overtake some of the biggest economies in terms of numbers. But, will it manage to lift its population equitably and create inclusive and sustainable growth?

The Global Agenda Council on India aims to tackle some of these questions and provide potential solutions for the challenges listed above. Specifically, its goal is to develop a new framework of public-private partnership in India to bridge the skills-opportunity mismatch for greater employment and social equity, promote entrepreneurship in select sectors to improve India's competitiveness, and promote greater dialogue between India's policy-makers, business and civil society.

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Research Analyst: Shubhra Saxena Kabra, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Council,
Council Manager:
Akanksha Khatri, Senior Manager, India and South Asia, Global Leadership Fellow,
Forum Lead:
Viraj Mehta, Director, Head of India and South Asia,