Global Agenda Council on Logistics & Supply Chain Systems 2012-2014


The challenge

New and continuing challenges for the global logistics and supply chain sector include the ever increasing supply chain velocity, emerging market production and consumption, cloud and data-driven supply chains, new forms of protectionism and the gradual replacement of products by services.

What the Council is doing about it

While broadly exploring the opportunities and risks in its sector, the Council will focus in 2012-2013 on helping supply chains be a force for good, including enabling transparency to drive environmental and social performance. The Council will continue to recommend action points to the chief executives in the World Economic Forum’s Supply Chain & Transportation community. The Council has also contributed to the Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities project, to analyse the cost of logistical barriers to trade and recommend solutions. Lowering the barriers could unlock more value than tariff reduction could alone. Therefore, the Council is supporting work that eases constraints on agricultural supply chains in Africa and East Asia; such barriers are responsible for a significant fraction of global food waste.

In the coming year, the Council plans to develop “Good Supply Chain Leaders 25” to motivate discussion and improvement of supply chain human values performance. It will also compile leading thinking on “Good Supply Chains” and celebrate it in new markets and during a global logistics day. 

Recovery in the sector has been slow, but on the brighter side, environmental efficiency has significantly improved, assisted by the slow-steaming of deep-sea container ships to conserve fuel; e-commerce distribution services have also grown fast.

In 2013-2014, the Council will continue to support work across the Forum focusing on trade facilitation, supply chain risk reduction, demand-driven sustainability and big data through expert discussions, publications and advice to industry. 

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Research Analyst: Tiffany Misrahi, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Councils, 
Council Manager: Sean Doherty, Director, Head, Logistics and Transport Industries, 
Forum Lead: John Moavenzadeh, Senior Director, Head, Mobility Industries,