Global Agenda Council on the Middle East and North Africa 2014-2016


The Arab world is experiencing a period of unprecedented change that will shape the future economic, social and governance systems of the region. This comes at a time when long-standing relationships between developed and emerging economies are being redefined.

The region possesses the key raw materials of success, including a youthful population eager to engage and contribute to the region’s economy, energy endowments and some of the fastest-growing economies globally. However, the youth unemployment rate in Arab countries is 28.3% – the highest regional rate in the world; young Arab women are particularly affected.

Decision-makers urgently need to deliver employment opportunities and foster development. It also needs to address a region that is confronted with a rise in polarization, and where societies are grappling with efforts to create and strengthen pluralistic institutions.

The Global Agenda Council on the Middle East and North Africa will play an advisory role to Arab economies in transition to advance policies and actions for youth-oriented growth and employment.

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Council Manager: Ines Ayari, Programme Lead, Regional Strategies - Middle East and North Africa, Global Leadership Fellow, 
Forum Lead: Miroslav Dusek, Head of Middle East and North Africa, Member of the Executive Committee,

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