Global Agenda Council on Social Media 2014-2016


Despite its apparent global reach, many institutions are still not aware of how to use social media effectively, nor do they appreciate the responsibility that comes with its use. To understand how social media impacts social behaviour and its role in distributing information, the large quantity of social data being generated needs to be evaluated.

The Global Agenda Council on Social Media will continue to explore social media’s potential by developing a set of standards and metrics to better analyse the impact on society. The council will convene leaders to present them with actionable research and recommendations developed by social media experts, with the long-term aim of harnessing social media for good.

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Research Analyst: Stefan Hall, Senior Associate, Global Agenda Councils,
Council Manager:
Alejandra Guzman, Senior Community Manager and Gobal Leadership Fellow,
Forum Lead:
Adrian Monck, Managing Director, Head of Public Engagement,


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