Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Development 2014-2016


Members of the Global Agenda Council on Sustainable Development will shift its focus this term from addressing substantive development issues to developing a pragmatic multistakeholder framework for action. The council will benefit from the perspectives and insights of non-traditional development actors in both business and governments with a stake in development impact.

To ensure that the council remains action oriented and relevant to the UN’s post-2015 development agenda, the council will develop a 2030 vision and 2063 vision for Africa, with supporting milestones. More broadly, the council mandate will used to help the UN and development community lay the groundwork for the successful implementation of the post-2015 development agenda by focusing on financing and delivery.

To get involved please contact

Research Analyst: Daniel Akinmade Emejulu, Associate, Global Agenda Councils,
Council Manager:
Petra Demarin, Head of International Development Initiatives,
Forum Lead:
Terri Toyota, Director, Foundations Community,


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