Leadership and Governance

The World Economic Forum is governed by its Foundation Board. The Foundation Board is the guardian of our mission, values and brand. It is responsible for inspiring business and public confidence in the Forum through an exemplary standard of governance. Individuals with unique leadership experience – from business, politics, academia and civil society – participate for three years in the Board's activities. The Board’s role includes: managing the statutes of the World Economic Forum and its institutions; appointing new members; reviewing fund applications; determining and monitoring the execution of the World Economic Forum’s strategies; and defining the roles of the Managing Board and committees, including the review of strategies and activities in light of the Forum’s mission.

Foundation Board Members


The Forum’s activities are managed by its executive leadership. Led by Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab, the leadership and staff of the Forum comprise exceptional individuals from all walks of life and over 60 nationalities. This global depth and experience ensures our ability to fully support our global membership and their engagement on global issues.


Klaus Schwab
Founder, Executive Chairman

Executive Committee

David Aikman photo David Aikman Head of New Champions
Jennifer Blanke photo Jennifer Blanke Chief Economist
Espen Barth Eide photo Espen Barth Eide Head of Geopolitical Affairs, Member of the Managing Board
Paolo Gallo photo Paolo Gallo Chief Human Resources Officer
Julien Gattoni photo Julien Gattoni Chief Financial Officer
W. Lee Howell photo W. Lee Howell Head of Global Programming, Member of the Managing Board
Jeremy Jurgens photo Jeremy Jurgens Chief Information and Interaction Officer
Helena Leurent photo Helena Leurent Head of Business Engagement
Adrian Monck photo Adrian Monck Head of Public Engagement
Gilbert J. B. Probst photo Gilbert J. B. Probst Dean, Leadership Office and Academic Affairs
Philipp Rösler photo Philipp Rösler Head of the Centre for Regional Strategies, Member of the Managing Board
Richard Samans photo Richard Samans Head of the Centre for the Global Agenda,
Member of the Managing Board
Murat Sonmez photo Murat Sonmez Chief Business Officer, Member of the Managing Board
Jean-Luc Vez photo Jean-Luc Vez Head of Security Policy and Security Affairs
Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray photo Dominic Kailash Nath Waughray Head of Public-Private Partnerships
Alois Zwinggi photo Alois Zwinggi Head of Operations and Resources, Member of the Managing Board