Case Studies


Between 2009 and 2010, the Alliance members built a database of real-life case studies that describe workplace wellness programmes in an effort to further our knowledge-sharing practice. The case studies provide a glimpse into programmes including: Objectives, Overview, Programme Components, and Results.

Journey to Health and Well-Being
Humana is embarking on our well-being journey using a step-by-step approach. The first step is to study and understand – both our population’s health and the essence of "health" and "well-being". The next step would be to revolutionise Humana’s culture by creating conditions to encourage and support change.

Wellness for Me
"Wellness for me" is an in-house workplace wellness programme for Nestlé employees at Vevey Headquarters (Switzerland).The objectives of this holistic programme are to trigger employee's interest in nutrition, to enable them to make healthy choices and to promote employees' well-being, fight sedentary lifestyles, prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve personal quality of life.

Work Fit
BT's "Work Fit" initiatives encourage personal responsibility for well-being, lifestyle, mindsets and behaviours. We strive to promote better health among our workforce by encouraging the small lifestyle changes that, if sustained, can prevent or mitigate the effects of chronic disease.

Global Health Services Wellness & Health Promotion
J&J (Johnson & Johnson) has created a global health & wellness legacy with comprehensive, holistic onsite wellness programmes since 1979. J&J reports success with high participation rates, reduced risk factors which led to lower overall corporate health care spending, less absenteeism, and a positive return on investment.

Be healthy
Be Healthy is a group-wide health promotion initiative for Novartis affiliates worldwide to support healthy lifestyles, share knowledge and help associates to reduce injury and risk of disease that could impact their personal and professional lives. We hope to reduce the burden of chronic illnesses.
Read Novartis Be Healthy Overview and take a look at the video message from Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis

GE Pink Bridge
GE, the largest U.S. investor and employer (13,000) in Hungary, provides 21st century infrastructure solutions that can help Central Eastern Europe (CEE) to increase its competitiveness.

Mexico Workplace Wellness Council
The Workplace Wellness Council – Mexico is a corporate membership health forum representing over 95 Global Fortune 2000 companies. The Wellness Council programme is a continually evolving knowledge platform based on close collaboration and interaction with member companies, advisory institutions and health experts.