Charles Emmerson


Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House, United Kingdom

Born in Australia, Charles grew up in London, studying history at Oxford University and international relations and international public law at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. Later, he was an analyst at the International Crisis Group and at the European Commission.

From 2005, Charles was an Associate Director of the World Economic Forum, responsible for global risk work and part of the GLF programme. Currently, he is a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House (the Royal Institute for International Affairs) where he leads the Resources Futures project on resource security. Charles is the author of The Future History of the Arctic, published by Random House and by Public Affairs in March 2010. The book explores the geopolitics, geo-economics and history of the Arctic, particularly under changing climate change conditions. He also works as a consultant on geopolitics, risk and sustainability.

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