Future of Government


The future can be imagined in different ways. The World Economic Forum’s Strategic Foresight team and the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government have developed three scenarios on how the world of governance could evolve by 2050. The scenarios aim to support strategic dialogue on the options we have in the present to shape desired governance systems of the future.

CityState is a world in which authority is decentralized to the city level and pragmatism trumps idealism in addressing collective issues.

e1984is a world in which the promise of Big Data is realized; economic, geopolitical and cyber threats are omnipresent; and collective solidarity is a core societal value.

Gated Communityis a world in which Big Government is broke. Political power rests with individuals and private sector organizations. Individual responsibility and choice prevail in society and the private sector has become the main provider of collective services.


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