The Global Leaders of Tomorrow (GLT) Community


The GLT community was launched in 1993 in response to the need for a new approach to global leadership in the post cold war era. With the aim of collective and individual growth, the community was created to encourage dialogue between people of outstanding ability with a common interest in Global progress. Each year, about 100 individuals were selected from the worlds of business, politics, civil society, media, the arts and science. Considered active for two years, they become supporting members for a further three years.

 GLTs represented the new generation of leaders who demonstrated a commitment to addressing issues beyond their immediate professional interest. They were global decision-makers already holding positions of considerable influence and responsibility.

The mission of the GLT community was to improve the "state of the world" by taking action on issues critical to the global agenda of the future.  The scope of GLT activities expanded beyond the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting when, in 1998, the creation of task forces to work on specific projects took root.

The community was discontinued at the end of 2003 and inspired the creation of the Forum of the Young Global Leaders.

Global Leaders of Tomorrow Classes:
GLT Class 1993
GLT Class 1994
GLT Class 1995
GLT Class 1996
GLT Class 1997
GLT Class 1998
GLT Class 1999
GLT Class 2000
GLT Class 2001
GLT Class 2002
GLT Class 2003