Global Leadership Fellows Publications


Matthew Carpenter Arevalo:

13 Ways of Knowing You're a Bad Manager
10 Insider Tips for Getting Hired at Google (or Any Coveted Company)
Defining the Next Generation of Latin American Leadership
The Role of Government in A Crowd-Sourcing World
What Jazz Has to Teach Us About Leadership
A New Currency: The Missing Factor in Google's Strategy
Reorganizing the media industry will be messy, but solutions remain unclear

Lara Birkes

No trade-off on trade

Sebastian Buckup:

Building Successful Partnerships
Annual Review of Social Partnerships

Sean Doherty

The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012 Reducing Supply Chain Barriers
New Models for Addressing Supply Chain and Transport Risk

Joel Fernandes :

The Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) (with Alex Wong)

Brindusa Fidanza:

Mainstreaming Climate Finance: Or why catalyzing capital into low-carbon energy infrastructure in developing countries is a larger than climate finance opportunity in Reframing the Problem of Climate Change, Ed. C.C. Jaeger, K. Hasselmann, E. Henning, G. Leipold, Earthscan
Re-imagining 21st Century Climate Institutions
Accelerating Investment in Green Growth, Korea Times
Romania's Rule of Law is Everybody's Business
Mexico's Green Growth Revolution Gathers Pace

Manju George

Out of London and New York
Partnering for Impact in India 

Anuradha Gurung

The Global Economic Impact of Private Equity Report 2008 Globalization of Alternative Investments Volume I
The Global Economic Impact of Private Equity Report 2008 Globalization of Alternative Investments Volume 2

Hala Hanna

Changing the World Isn't Easy: Advice for Social Entrepreneurs
Improving the Competitiveness of the Tourism Cluster in Tunisia
The Future of Development in Liberia: Keeping Women on the Agenda
Local Economy Takes Roots in Liberia 
Advancing growth and resilience in the MENA region 

Oliver Inderwildi

The carbon curse: Are fuel rich countries doomed to high CO2 intensities?
Break the carbon curse to curb global emissions
Britain and Norway Avoid the ‘Carbon Curse’ of Countries Rich in Fossil Fuels
Norway is the Most Thrifty Fuel-Rich Country 

Emilio Lozoya

Pemex chief hails Mexico as ‘new Mideast’

Annie Luo

Powerful Media and the Future of Content

The Future of content 2011

Stephan Mergenthaler:

The New World of UN Peace Operations: Learning to Build Peace? Oxford University Press

Katie Milligan:

Taking a realistic approach to Impact Investing, MIT innovations
Stanford Social Innovation Review panel discussion, 2012 Winter

Lyuba Nazaruk

Redefining the Future of Growth: The New Sustainability Champions
Global Biosecurity: Towards a New Governance Paradigm
Multilateralsim and Transnational Security: A Synthesis of Win-Win Solutions

Abigail Noble

Can you Speak Human?
You Can’t Talk about Impact Investing without taking about Governance
Entrepreneurs Talk Mission Drift, Social Impact and Preventing Burnout
Handling the Humanity of Leadership
Impact Investing: How do we harness the hype?
Davos: Inequality on the Mind
Making Space for Leadership
Fulfilling the Promise and Anticipating the Dissent of Impact Investing
The Way Roberto Cares

Ronald Philip

Five Ways to Tackle the World’s Wicked Problems
East Asia Takes the Lead in Enabling Global Trade

Eric Roland

Global Leadership fellows programme, Graduation – Reflections

Gareth Shepherd

Role seen for Swiss in reducing global risks

 Miniya Chatterji

Persevering Through Extreme Uncertainty
Negotiation Lessons from a Father of 37
De Tunis à Wall Street, la mondialisation de la politique
Egypte: la révolution inachevée
Can technology trigger sustainable growth?
Will India stop tolerating the abuse of women?
How India can become a startup nation
Schooled for growth
Minds without borders
Egypt: an Unfinished Revolution
Can people's power propel Egypt out of chaos?
'Never mind' to 'enough' , will Egypt go the distance?
From Tunis to Wall Street : the Globalization of Politics
Future imperfect in Egypt
The Globalization of Politics: From Egypt to India