Jaeyoung Lee


Member of Parliament, Republic of Korea

Jaeyoung holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and an MA in Public Administration from Yonsei University. He gained diverse business experience in various management positions, including Sales Manager for Bumkoo Industrial, Project Manager for Bando Engineering and Construction, and as a representative of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He was also a Project Leader at Nshaper Corporation, a fast-growing Korean incubator specialized in high-tech ventures.

Jaeyoung joined the World Economic Forum as a GLF in 2009. As Associate Director for Asia, he was responsible for engaging politicians, business people and intellectuals in the Asia-Pacific region, including South-East Asia and Australia. After leaving the Forum, Jaeyoung returned to Korea to take an active part in public affairs. Currently, he is a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. He is also Chairman of the Korea Orienteering Federation.

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