Klaus Schwab: Vision 2020


Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic ForumGlobal challenges can never be met alone. Their complexity and interdependence must be addressed by integrated and interdisciplinary action – from business, government and civil society.

To succeed, such cooperation requires a robust international framework: one that transcends the traditional barriers of politics and economics; one that brings different organizations and individuals together to form true public-private partnerships, and one that has the trusted organizational capability to pursue pragmatic solutions.

Alone among international organizations, the World Economic Forum provides this collaborative global framework.

More than ever, it is clear that wise, effective leadership requires a true understanding of the macro picture, as well as the nuances of its manifold micro interdependencies. Over the next twenty years, the Forum will continue to provide members with the strategic insights needed to operate in a global context.  It will become increasingly important that our local, national and global community continues to realign its processes, systems and institutions in order to respond effectively to the challenges of an interdependent world.

Looking ahead, the Forum will remain rigorous in undertaking initiatives – to ensure we remain at the forefront of global concerns. We will build our future on our specific strengths: an uninterrupted success story of 40 years, but above all, institutional values based on intellectual and moral integrity, independence and impartiality, proven positive impact and transparency. We will continue to increase the relevance of everything we are doing, and intensify the collaboration within and between our communities.

The Forum will also continue to venture to new horizons, reflecting the world as it integrates new players, and demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that all voices are heard and that participation in all our activities is as representative as possible. Overall, the most decisive success factor in the future will be our ability to anticipate, manage and mitigate risks. In this context, the Forum will establish a global risk response system that distils the best expertise and experience to serve as a basis for all stakeholders to make timely and informed decisions in a more collaborative, integrated and proactive way. 

By 2020, our goal is to expand our global footprint beyond our current locations in Geneva, New York, Beijing and Tokyo, and to have established a dedicated presence in Latin America, India, Africa, and the Middle East, ultimately strengthening the global nature of our primary institutional pillars: Members and Communities, Engagement (meetings), Insight (knowledge sharing) and Impact (initiatives).

The cross-cutting efforts of all our undertakings will continue to draw on all aspects of our capabilities, inspiring us to improve the state of the world with an even deeper sense of mission. Our people remain our strongest asset - embracing the notion of “One Forum, One Culture, One Mission” -  and I am passionate about leading an organization that has attracted so much talent following our motto of “entrepreneurship in the global public interest”. 

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
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