A New Vision for Arab Employment: Youth Employment in Arab Resource-Endowed Economies


In light of the long-term economic aspirations of the Arab world as well as the current social context, addressing the employment challenge, especially youth unemployment, is at the top of policy and business agendas. There is a clear need to develop partnerships that will deliver jobs in the quantity and quality and at the pace necessary to address the urgency of the challenge. This requires an extraordinary increase in collaboration, innovation and commitment.

Initiated by the World Economic Forum in May 2013, the New Vision for Arab Employment initiative provides a neutral platform to facilitate these partnerships. It brings together government, business and civil society leaders at the highest level to share knowledge and best practices, as well as advance common action for creating employment in the Arab world.

As part of this initiative, the Youth Employment in Arab Resource-Endowed Economies project, which started in August 2013, provides a framework to advance institutional reforms to increase productive and sustainable employment in the Arab world, with a particular focus on resource-endowed economies.

Approach and Objectives

The Youth Employment in Arab Resource-Endowed Economies project applies the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Foresight approach and is developed in collaboration with stakeholders through a series of conversations, workshops and sessions at World Economic Forum events.

Using systems thinking to analyse the root causes, underlying dynamics and vulnerabilities of the current employment situation in Arab resource-endowed economies, the project aims to: 

  • Create a common understanding of the youth unemployment challenge by making sense of its complexity and by identifying underlying impediments to an effective implementation of policies
  • Provide a framework to help stakeholders co-design robust policies to sustainably increase the number of young people productively employed in the private sector

Process and Key Milestones

Stakeholder Engagement

A project board, composed of key stakeholders involved in employment creation in the Middle East and North Africa, and including partner companies, provides guidance on the scope and direction of the project. In addition, Members of the Forum’s Network of Global Agenda Councils as well as Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers relevant to the project provide expert input into the work.

A broad range of other participants are involved throughout the process via conversations, in-person workshops and high-level sessions at World Economic Forum events.

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Getting Involved

For more information on the project and to get involved, please contact:

Miroslav Dusek, Senior Director, Head of Middle East and North Africa, mid@weforum.org
Kristel Van der Elst, Senior Director, Head of Strategic Foresight, kve@weforum.org
Natalie Hatour, Associate Director, Strategic Foresight, nha@weforum.org
Hala Hanna, Senior Programme Manager, Middle East and North Africa, hhan@weforum.org
Diane Davoine, Project Associate, Strategic Foresight, dida@weforum.org


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