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Combining knowledge and practice

The three-year Master’s programme in global leadership couples leadership training with in-depth knowledge of industry, civil society, and global and regional governments. As part of a specially tailored curriculum, Fellows are provided not only with knowledge and training, but also with the practical experience obtained by interacting with a diverse group of leaders and experts to facilitate solutions to many of the world’s most pressing issues. Fresh thinking, exposure to current global, regional and industry issues, and practical leadership skills learned directly from those running today’s most influential organizations combine to set the Global Leadership Fellows (GLF) Programme apart.

“The programme is probably one of the first of its kind to facilitate learning by actually doing and in fact also by absorbing – not just from closely interacting with the leaders of the world but also from the energy of the group of Fellows.” Miniya Chatterji, Senior Community Manager Middle-East and South Asia, Young Global Leaders

Leaders learning from leaders

Beyond the takeaways from frequent interactions with world leaders, Fellows – leaders in their own right – have opportunities to learn from one another. All Fellows enter the programme having already completed a Master’s and/or doctorate-level education from one of the world’s top academic institutions. Professionally, they come to the Forum from a variety of backgrounds in government, civil society and business. These high-calibre individuals bring their experiences to a highly interactive and experiential learning environment, which is further enriched by the knowledge gained from the curriculum and work assignments while at the Forum. The training offered to Fellows is not readily available in any other academic or corporate leadership programme.

“The training, network and peer group opportunities that the programme offers will help me achieve my personal and professional goals through my work at the Forum.” Jaclyn Asuncion, Associate Director, Programme Development Team

Coaching and mentoring

Throughout the three-year programme, Fellows receive professional coaching and mentorship. Every Fellow joins a small coaching team of approximately five people who help each other reach personal and professional development goals. In the third and final year of the programme, Fellows are assigned an executive coach and mentors from the Forum’s Community of Young Global Leaders and a pool of internal directors to provide guidance on career development and project work.

“This Fellowship offers a chance to explore the world and yourself at the same time, supported by unparalleled access to leaders and access to the best business schools.” Darko Lovric, Senior Project Manager, Strategic Foresight 

"As a Knowledge Manager, I work with groups of experts from around the world to curate content that aims to provide new perspectives and solutions on pressing global issues. In addition, I collaborate in-house to connect experts’ ideas with agendas driven by businesses and regional partners."  Isabel de Sola, Knowledge Manager, Global Agenda Councils

"As a Senior Manager of the Global Shapers community I lead a community of exceptional young shapers in the age group of 20 – 29 to drive local impact leveraging global insights. I design strategies and execute in clinical fashion to help my team achieve their mission in South Asia and help Global Shapers Community achieve their global vision at the same time I Co-create processes that will help all the internal and external stakeholders. " Vijay Raju, Senior Manager Global Shapers Community, South Asia

"Contributing to the Technology Pioneer and Global Growth Company Programmes,  I am in charge of identifying and integrating some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial and thought –provocative business leaders . Representing emerging technologies and new markets, they bring diversity, opportunities and drive to the global Forum community." Marjorie Buchser, Senior Knowledge Integration Manager, Global Leadership Fellow, New Champion Communities

“As part of the Membership Team, I am responsible for building the African membership community while improving the regional value proposition. It is imperative that the Forum’s African membership base is representative of the African business community and that they are engaged to design Africa’s role in the new global economy.”Marius Hugo, Senior Community Manager, Middle East and Africa Membership