Shruti Mehrotra


Special Advisor, Office of the President of Guinea

Shruti holds a BA in International Studies and Economic Theory from the American University, and two MScs from the London School of Economics & Political Science, one in Global Politics and another in Operational Research/Management Sciences. She started her career as a Strategy Consultant at the Monitor Group in its New York and London offices. Later, she managed humanitarian relief operations for international NGOs such as Oxfam GB in Afghanistan, the Palestinian Territories, Chad and Sudan, followed by serving as the Director of Relief International-UK in London.

From 2005, Shruti was part of the GLF programme, serving as an Associate Director at the World Economic Forum where she led government, business and NGO policy engagement processes on humanitarian and environmental issues. She subsequently worked as Senior Campaigner at the NGO Global Witness and as an independent adviser to international institutions on emerging global dynamics around resource scarcity, sustainable development and political stability.

Shruti joined Tony Blair’s Africa Governance Initiative in 2011, where she is now the country head of Guinea, working with the President of Guinea to help achieve the government’s vision of inclusive social and economic development for the country. This includes offering support for the country’s democratic institutions, mining sector reform, and improvement of energy provision and access, agricultural development and food security for all Guineans.

“The Global Leadership Fellowship programme and my work at the Forum exposed me to top leaders from across all sectors – heads of state, heads of international organizations, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and world-class experts. Collaborating with these individuals and their teams on issues central to the global agenda was a great privilege and learning experience. Perhaps even more importantly, the GLF programme gave me the opportunity to work with, learn with and learn from other Fellows, who themselves are future, or in some cases current, global leaders in their own right.” 

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