Workshop Summaries: Hong Kong


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Leading supply chain and risk experts gathered in Hong Kong to attend the fourth of 5 workshops for the Supply Chain Risk Initiative’s second phase. 

The meeting was attended by 24 representatives from both the Public and Private Sector including representatives from the World Trade Organization, Singapore Customs and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat.

The workshop commenced with an introduction to Supply Chain Risk from an Asian perspective provided by Jonathan Wright, Senior Executive and ASEAN lead of Supply Chain Management at Accenture. Within this introduction, Jonathan expressed that envisioning supply webs, rather than supply chains, was a more applicable way to conceptualize and manage the complex supply structures that are built across region.

Following this, the participants focused on 3 key workstreams:

  1. Deepening our collective understanding of the risk and threat landscape
  2. Working towards a blueprint for a resilient global supply chain
  3. Improving transparency across supply chains 


Workstream 1 saw all participants agree that a common supply chain risk vocabulary needs to be established across industries and private and public sectors.

Workstream 2 revealed that speed, scale and flexibility are core components for resilience, and with the rise of digital supply chains – resilience against cyber threats is of increasing importance.

Workstream 3 stressed the need to provide organizations with information, rather than subjective risk assessments. It also identified the role of Government in brokering the communication of information.

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