Workshop Summaries: Tiajin


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Leading supply chain and risk experts gathered at the Annual Meeting of New Champions. In Tianjin, China, to attend the third of 5 workshops for the Supply Chain Risk Initiative’s second phase.


The meeting commenced with a discussion on the varying levels of risk appetite across organisations. It emerged that whilst C-level executives were aware of the value at stake from supply chain risk, limited downward trickle, combined with performance related incentives, was creating a generation of  procurement managers with a greater appetite for risk.

It was then considered how performance could be de-risked. A consensus was reached on transparency as a key enabler of de-risked growth. In this discussion, transparency was considered across the value chain, from component traceability to full supply chain disclosure to consumers.

Focus then shifted to identifying the addressable issues within the broader risk landscape. Three key issues were revealed:

  1. Whilst operations can flex to cope with disruptions, infrastructure cannot. 
  2. There has been less progress physical due diligence standards than  in other areas,  such as standards for finance 
  3. Assessment  of risk triggers is problematic as they tend to intersect and interact.

The insights gathered at the Tianjin workshop will be integrated with, and enhance the output of the Supply Chain Risk Initiatives second phase.

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