Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2012

Tianjin, People’s Republic of China 11-13 September
Creating the Future Economy

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions is the foremost global business gathering in Asia. After five years, it is widely known as the Summer Davos – reflecting the “spirit of Davos” that for more than four decades has meant openness, collegiality and frank, yet friendly, exchange among leaders from business, government, academia, civil society and media.

Session Summary

Driving Forces of the Creative Economy

  • When passion and opportunity intersect, the creative has the most potential to develop products or services that will be disruptive and hence generate good returns and build successful organizations.
  • Ideation is the start of creativity. Realization is the key to adding value.
  • Inspiration and stimulation are critical to creative development. Hence external input via travel or networking becomes vital to ensure a healthy creative environment in company or nationally. 

Hypothesis – merging creative and commercial economies – will result in new...

Date posted: September 13, 2012
Session Summary

Asian Trendsetters

  • Asian consumers are having a dramatic impact on global tastes and trends in popular culture, film and fashion.
  • Asian consumer buying habits will also have a great impact on global purchasing patterns and market platforms in the future.
  • Western companies will have to go beyond a model of merely exporting western products to Asia or sticking an Asian icon on the sleeve of a dress to attract and sustain a relationship with Asian buyers.

This panel focused on several key points about the impact that Asian...

Date posted: September 13, 2012
Session Summary

Leading through Intrapreneurship

  • The Institutional "Yes": Large organizations need to create space for risk-taking, and this means fostering a safe environment for failure and acceptance of non-standard deviant ideas. Instead of the institutional “No” that is typically found in large organizations where ideas are killed along a gauntlet before they ever see the light of day, organizations should have an environment that encourages and nurtures ideas along, even if they are not acted upon immediately.
  • Experimentation Orientation: Organizations should experiment with ideas before committing resources....
Date posted: September 13, 2012
Session Summary

Creating a Resilient Cyber Economy

  • Cyber warfare is real: Either by hacktivists or nation-states; it’s hard to be prepared. Business needs to better evaluate the risk of all of your data being erased or exposed. Understand the consequences to either of these things happening.
  • Personal Data has value: Systems will be created to help people capitalize on the value of their data and be compensated. Compensation comes in many forms, but as we better understand the value of personal data, systems will come along to capitalize on them in a way that isn’t subversive or necessarily nefarious.
  • Openness is the...
Date posted: September 13, 2012
Session Summary

Women as China's Way Forward

  • The empowerment of women in China has come from the top down rather than from the bottom up, as has occurred in some Western countries.
  • Cultural expectations sometimes prevent women from progressing in the workplace.
  • Women need to use their own power and ambition to influence the business environment.
  • To improve the number of women in corporate leadership positions, companies need to provide opportunities for women as well as men to network with senior leaders and decision-makers.

Yang Lan, chairperson, Sun Media Group, said that empowerment of...

Date posted: September 13, 2012
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