World Economic Forum on Latin America


Lima, Peru 23-25 April
Delivering Growth, Strengthening Societies

“Securing economic growth requires an investment in all people in our region, and will only come through shared accountability and effective collaboration between government, civil society and the private sector.”
– Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor, Chairman, Interbank, Peru

Latin America has maintained high levels of economic growth and financial resilience, attracting increased foreign investment and tourism and progressing towards poverty alleviation, while building a larger and more demanding middle class. Due to its vast wealth of natural resources, cultural heritage and human capital, the region is fertile ground for novel business and social innovation models that will ensure its comprehensive long-term development. With the support of the Government of Peru and the Forum's Partners, leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, under the theme, “Delivering Growth, Strengthening Societies”.

Lima, Peru 23 - 25 April 2013