World Economic Forum on Latin America


Panama City, Panama, 1 - 3 April 2014
Opening Pathways for Shared Progress

"Latin America has become an important player in today's globalized world and its potential is unlimited. The key to the region's prosperity is based on achieving continuous economic growth and having this growth reach the majority of its citizens. We must focus on education, innovation and productivity."
- Ricardo Martinelli, President of Panama

Latin America is known for its financial stability, sustained economic growth, growing middle class and vast natural resources. Its internal market of over 600 million people, strong macroeconomic foundations and increased access to financing make the region ripe for global opportunities.

Panama, the host of this year’s World Economic Forum on Latin America, embodies the region’s progress and potential. The country is a thriving international hub of trade and investment in the Americas and has demonstrated impressive economic performance and stable growth rates of over 10% in recent years. It offers a strategic geographic position in the centre of the Americas, being further enhanced with the development of modern infrastructure and the expansion of the Panama Canal, which is to coincide with the celebration of its centenary at the meeting.

The World Economic Forum on Latin America will focus on the region’s efforts in maintaining its economic growth, boosting the diversification of its economies, increase its productivity, fuel competitiveness, enhance trade and invest in human capital.  Participants will help to determine how to better address challenges in education, health, infrastructure and technology in the region and will contribute to shaping the region’s economic, social and political agenda.

Listen to the leading voices who shaped the debate at the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2013.

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Panama City, Panama 01 - 03 April 2014