World Economic Forum on Latin America 2010

New Partnerships for a Sustainable Recovery

As the poster child for democratic turnarounds in Latin America, Colombia was the perfect vantage point for participants to take stock of how the region had weathered the global economic crisis and to focus not just on the broadstrokes of a strategy for sustaining economic recovery but on exactly how to do it. The crisis, as well as other recent stresses from high food and energy prices and the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, has brought home to Latin American leaders and citizens the lesson that closer collaboration and deeper integration are the best ways to ensure stability in today’s volatile and unpredictable global economy.

At this critical juncture, the majority of Latin American countries are taking the transformational path and forging “new partnerships for sustainable recovery”, the theme of this year’s World EconomicForum on Latin America. Over three days of interactive discussions in sessions, lunches and dinners and a rousing concert of Latin music to promote social change, participants came away with a sense that, despite Latin America’s good fortune to have managed well through the crisis, this is not a time for complacency but a time to look forward and implement solutions to the pressing challenges the region faces.



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