Closing the Gender Gap:

Changing the rationale for rewards

gender parity
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: ...between male and female salaries

A difference in rewards for females due to a historic approach based on rewarding experience rather than performance/delivery.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Measurement & target setting

A change in reward policy and practice to increase flexibility afforded to managers in making rewards.

  • Fixed and variable pots provided to be used in making awards against market and performance. 
  • Significant guidance provided (and checks put in place) to ensure pots were used as directed i.e.. very experienced males who were already well rewarded against their performance would receive less of an improvement in their rewards than less experienced females whose performance demanded that their market and internal positioning against peers be improved. 


We measured and tracked how many staff members were positioned appropriately in terms of both fixed and variable costs and broke this down by gender, tracking a rise in females year on year.

Implementation Date:

Ongoing, but at year 2 improvement for females is noticeable.

The Success:

Female reward position has improved against market, performance and males. We are planning further iterations of this practice.

Success factors:

  1. Senior Management sign off and support.
  2. Managers' willingness to implement an objective reward process.


  1. Some managers' lack of appetite to address the issue.


Similar practices Country

(keep in draft) Using rewards to foster a diverse talent pipeline

Company: (not disclosed)

Type of Gap: senior management level

Type of practice: Awareness, incentives & accountability

By linking executive incentive compensation directly to annual diversity goals, we are achieving an increase of the representation of women at all levels of the organization.

United States

Revaluating women's tasks for equalizing salaries

Company: soleRebels (Bostex PLC)

Type of Gap: ...between male and female salaries

Type of practice: Measurement & target setting

By putting a high quality premium on manufacturing tasks that traditionally attract more women, soleRebels has achieved wage parity in a sector typically devoid of that.


Opening women's access to the workplace

Company: (not disclosed)

Type of Gap: communities / countries of operation

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

Taking a clear stand based on values in locations where females are still often denied access to the work place, we were able to increase the number of women on our staff.

United Arab Emirates

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