Closing the Gender Gap:

Child and elder care benefits for all our employees

gender parity
Company name:
Bilfinger Berger SE
Energy Utilities & Technology
More than 50,000
Europe & Central Asia
Contact Name:
Heike Schönmann
Contact Position:
Head of HR Projects
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: entry level

Given current demographic trends and the shortage of talent that already exists in the engineering sector in particular, we need to improve our access to all talent. With 28% female employees in Germany, and 18% at Group level, we see great potential for increasing our female talent base.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

We support parents and families by offering child care and elder care for all employees in Germany. 

This practice was initiated by Corporate HR, involving all HR departments of our main subsidiaries and local workers' councils as representatives of our employees. We looked for a Company offering this service all over Germany. The contract with this provider states that all employees can use this service. We have set a target of 0,75% participation across all our employees (173 participants).


We will create a report which shows how many empoyees use this service, separating out child care and elder care.

Implementation Date:

We started on 01.02.2012. The initial contract is limited for two years, but we would like to continue offering this in the future.

The Success:

As this initiative will only get underway in 2012, we cannot yet report on our success.

Success factors:

  1. 173 empoyees will use the service


  1. Costs


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