Closing the Gender Gap:

Dedicated training for potential female partners

gender parity
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: senior management level

At year end 2010, we had ...

  • 13% female partners 
  • 31% female management group members

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

We have put in place a dedicated training programme for women to become partners. 

Women included in this programme receive coaching in small groups and get mentored during and after the training by a female partner from the firm.


% of women issued from this training and actually promoted to a higher category.

Implementation Date:

The programme started in November 2010 and it is still in progress.

The Success:

Satisfaction of attendants

Success factors:

  1. Number of attendants by seminar
  2. Satisfaction of attendants
  3. Number of attendants promoted within the next 2 years following the end of training


  1. Some units fail to name women to send to the seminar
  2. Successful professionals are the ones who lack the time to attend such a training
  3. Seminar may be watched with skepticism by men with potential


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