Closing the Gender Gap:

'Deutsche Bank Women Global Leaders' preps women for the top

gender parity
Company name:
Deutsche Bank
Banking & Capital Markets
More than 50,000
Europe & Central Asia
Contact Name:
Eileen Taylor
Contact Position:
Global Head of Diversity. Deutsche Bank
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: senior management level

46% of the total population is female but only 16.5% of senior management is female.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

'Deutsche Bank Women Global Leaders' was created as a one week residential program for women who are at one down from the top title level, in collaboration with a leading university.

Working through the HR function and with senior management in the firm we identify 35 women from across all divisions and regions on an annual basis who have a high probability of promotion within 2 years. The one week program provides participants with specific feedback done through 360s, development on networking, leadership, managing across cultures and executive presence. 

The CEO of the firm participates on the afternoon of the first day so the women can see what leadership looks like up close. At the end of the week very senior women in the firm come and provide practical hands on coaching and advice on how to get to the next level. Following this week away, the women spend time in virtual coaching sessions with the senior women. 

There are at least 2 events per region per year with the alumni of the program and senior management.


We measure the percentage of participating women who get promoted to the next title.

Implementation Date:

Started in April 2010, the program will run annually for 35 women per year.

The Success:

From the first cohort, 25% of the women were promoted less than a year later. 

Many of the women from that cohort and from the second cohort are being considered for promotion in February 2012.

Success factors:

  1. Program specifically designed around the company culture
  2. Attendance of CEO to affirm the importance of gender diversity and his commitment
  3. Participation of senior women


  1. Very costly
  2. One week away from work


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