Closing the Gender Gap:

Developing Takeda women managers

gender parity
Company name:
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Health & Healthcare
East Asia & Pacific
Contact Name:
Fumie Sakuma
Contact Position:
Diversity Leader
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The Gap:

Type of Gap: middle management level

While the company has successfully achieved gender parity in recruiting its entry-level work force for the past 15 years, we have not achieved a satisfactory representation of women in our middle and senior management, specifically from locally developed talents. 

As a result, only 2% of middle management positions are occupied by women, and none in senior management.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

HR initiated interventions to accelerate women manager growth and progression:

  • Networking events held with women executives in the oversea group companies
  • Implementation of a program for our female talent development pool, providing training/workshops, a specific, individual development planning system and mentoring 
  • Monitoring the development plan with the line managers and HR


We track the percentage of women in our middle management.

Implementation Date:

Networking events were first held in 2008, followed by the individual development program deployed in 2010. We are continuing to use these practices.

The Success:

We are still progressing on our way to success, but have doubled the ratio of females in our middle management since 2009.

Success factors:

  1. Collaboration between line organizations and HR
  2. Females' motivation toward growth
  3. Continuity


  1. Acceptance of line organization
  2. Acceptance of the participants to the program
  3. Understanding of those who are not involved directly


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