Closing the Gender Gap:

'Female Leadership Training' for women and their managers

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The Gap:

Type of Gap: senior management level

Over the last 3 years, the percentage of women at top level was increased from 3% to 8%. Also the percentage of women at middle management level increased from 20% to 27%. Only at senior management level the gap seems to be more persistent.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

Our 'Training Female Leadership' program for females in middle management was initiated by the Executive Board and developed and implemented by the Diversity Board. Content is based on the McKinsey Model of Centered Leadership. 

The training addresses gender mechanisms in organizational culture, and focuses on ambition and next career steps, work life balance, managing energy, the style of influence. It includes a workshop with the manager of the participants, that aims to strenghten the connection and understanding between the participants and their managers on this subject and on the goals for the women in the training. We raise awareness by talking about the barriers for career progress for women, how this is different for men, how men and women act differently and how we can recognize this and add value to the differences. 


Primarly, we consult the course evaluation given by female participants and their managers. 

We also plan to track progress by following trained female employees in their career: Does she continue? What performance score is she rated? When is she promoted? We started last year, so next year will be the first year in tracking.

Implementation Date:

Started in 2010, we are continuing this practice as long as needed.

The Success:

Thus far, evaluations have been very positive.

Success factors:

  1. A good training
  2. Leadership involvement
  3. Time for the women and their managers


  1. Budget
  2. Time
  3. Not all women want to participate


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