Closing the Gender Gap:

Flexible working-time as an additional benefit for professionals

Company name:
Eczacibasi Group
Retail & Consumer Goods
Europe & Central Asia
Contact Position:
Vice President Human Resources

The Gap:

Type of Gap: Other – all employees

Flexible working conditions are known to help women and men balance their work- and private lives. Equal opportunities and policies on both company and national levels concentrate on ways in which flexible working conditions may be realized and assisted by communication technologies. As Eczacibasi Group we saw this aspect as an important opportunity for the Group's employees.

The Practice:

Type of practice: Work environment, work-life balance

As of January 2013 flexible working-time will be applied as an additional benefit for professionals in the Group. The normal working time is 08-17-30; core working time will be 09:30-16:30. Employees have the option to start work between 07:00-09:00 with the condition to complete daily working time.

The most important point in this implementation is that the use of flexible working hours will be based on the trust in the relationship between employee adn his/her manager; because workign time will not be tracked by any system.



The impact of this benefit and the emplyoees' satisfaction will be reflected in the employee engagment survey.

Implementation Date:


The Success:

As this benefit will be applied in 2013, we cannot report on our success yet.

Success factors:

  1. Support from Group President & CEO, Chairman and Vice President Human Resources


Work Arrangements

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