Closing the Gender Gap:

JUMP to keep high-potential women moving up

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The Gap:

Type of Gap: communities / countries of operation

The program developed women who were not progressing despite having the high potential to do so.

Even though women account for the majority of university graduates in Europe, they are not proportionally represented in the workplace - women's employment rate is 21% lower than that of men. Women's salaries are significantly lower, and they are also more likely to work part-time. These differences are more marked in the private sector as compared to the public sector, and the gap widens moving up in companies' hierarchies.

(please see McKinsey's 'Women Matter' report for more details on the gap our practice addresses)

The Practice:

Type of practice: Mentorship & training

The JUMP program was created to build our pipeline of female directors in Europe. Run country by country, with groups of 15 women, the program is built upon 3 pillars, covered in quarterly two-day workshops:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Executing the vision
  • Optimizing impact

Participating women were also paired with senior-level mentors and encouraged to form and maintain a community within the group.


We measured both quantitative and qualitative results in participants’ feedback and how many of the participating women rotate into new roles or are promoted.

Implementation Date:

The program stated this year and will be on-going for the next few years.

The Success:

The program received a 4.9 rating (out of a total of 5) from participants. And while it is still early in the program, we have seen 4 women promoted and many of them rotating into more challenging positions.

We are planning to continue this practice.

Success factors:

  1. Increased profile of the women in country
  2. Confidence in women who have taken part
  3. Increase in number of female promotions in the relevant grades


  1. Ability to scale across all countries quickly
  2. Ability to maintain records of all delegates for measurement
  3. Managing expectations of women not selected


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